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This tutorial will provide all the necessary information for people that are new to Ruby on Rails and Web Development. As I am doing this during my free time, there will be no ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of new materials. Please provide feedbacks so that I can improve on it. Clearly, I am not a English major and I make grammatical errors. You are always welcome to correct me my mistake.

The tutorial was written based on Ruby 2.2.3 on 2016. I am constantly updating this tutorial to Ruby 2.4.1. If you think any parts of the tutorial does not work with newer Ruby version, please contact me.

This tutorial will be broken into a few parts:

  • Part I: Ruby on Rails Installation
  • Part II: Ruby on Rails Crash Course
  • Part III: First Rails Application
  • Part IV: Layout and Styling
  • Part V: Implementing Features
  • Part VI: Other Rails Applications

The first part of the tutorial will ensure that each reader is able to install Ruby on Rails successfully and able to run the command in this tutorial without any issue. Then, the second part will provide a user some basic syntax to people that are new to Ruby on Rails. The third part of the tutorial will focus on creating a Web Application and deploy to Heroku PaaS. Then layout and styling will be discussed in Part IV. In Part V, several examples are discussed and shown to ensure that each reader is able to implement the features. The final part, Part VI, will discuss some of the extra thing that you can do with Ruby on Rails.

To make this tutorial more fun, pictures of my work including my collectible and photography will be included at the appropriate sections.

For questions, comments and suggestions, please contact me at Also, if you want to me to include a specific topic here, please e-mail me. Thank you for reading and have fun learning Ruby on Rails!

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