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About The Author

Melvin Ch'ng is finishing his last semester in B.S. Computer Engineering from San Jose State University (Graduated on December 2017; If you would like to know what he is doing as of today, you can connect with him via LinkedIn). He took Professor Ronald Mak's Software Engineering class at Spring 2016. He developed his first Ruby on Rails Web Application with three other teammates: one Computer Engineering, one Software Engineering and one Industrial and System Engineering student. He was the main developer for the application at that time. During Summer 2016, he developed his second Ruby on Rails application and applied the knowledge that he learnt from his Database System class. At the same time, he developed two a Jekyll on Rails websites: one to brush up his CSS skills and one for a Student Technology Conference that he was invited to participate.

Then, he fell in love with Ruby on Rails and his first choice of technology use for a project will always be Ruby on Rails. In Fall 2016, he developed two Ruby on Rails websites: one for a class project and another one for a prototyping challenge (Full Stack Development, both hardware and software) he and his team participated. The team won 4th place in a 6 months long prototyping challenge. In May 2017, he attended a public hackathon with his friends. His team was the only team developed in full stack (both hardware and software). The team built a robot (ate Dim Sum and sleep for 6 hours at home) in 24 hours period and they were in the Top 10 teams list won the Best use of AWS technology in the competition. Currently, he and his team is developing a Full Stack Ruby on Rails project (hardware and software approach) for his senior project.

Other than attending school, he is an active conference attendee. Some of conferences that he attended include Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference, Apigee's I Love APIs Conference, Game Developers Conference (GDC), IoT World Conference, and The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). His interest and favorite activities include reverse engineering, recondition and repair collectible electronics, alpha and beta testing new and unannounced products, low light and 360-degree photography, CAD and 3D printing, and crafting. His open source projects can be found in his Github repository.

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