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There are a lot of content creator, especially on the Internet. However, there are people that would love to share but no experience on how and where to get started. If you would like to share by writing but have no clue where to start, this is definitely a tutorial for you. This tutorial will provide all the necessary information for people who would like to learn more about hosting your own website and host your own tutorial (book, autobiography, etc) for free. The most important part is it will be written in ELIA5 (Explains Like I Am Five - explained to you like you were an actual literal five year old) styles.

Do not worry if you do not have any programming or technology background. This tutorial is meant for people with less to zero programming knowledge and would to get their hand dirty (AKA learn). I will try my very best to explain everything in simple words and use even more visual. However, third party sources and examples will be attached as there are a lot of great resources on the Internet that explains certain concepts. All the necessary information will be given out at the respective section.

How I am inspired to write this tutorial? It is all started because of my readers from my autobiography and Ruby on Rails Tutorial. Most of them usually come back with a few similar questions and this tutorial will go through them in depth:

  • how did you managed to get a well done template that is optimized for both browser and mobile view?
  • how everything is done behind the scene? Can you show me? (After they realized that how simple it is, they do not have any coding background)
  • how did you organize your materials? I love the flow that you introduced.
  • how did you managed to host it for free? Do you pay for anything?

This tutorial is separated into two major parts: Jekyll and GitBook. The first part will discuss how to host your Jekyll pages on Github. Then, GitBook will be added to the discussion as GitBook (basically) will not work without Github pages. Part of the content available in this tutorial will be adopted from my Ruby on Rails tutorial as many of the introductory contents have already been discussed in detail from the tutorial.

If you follow this tutorial from the first page to the very last page, you will gain minimal (or good amount of) knowledge in programming. You will have the ability to own personal website, CV or Resume, and documentation that wrote on your personal website. The complete starter code based on my personal website and video instructions on how to get started on using the code will also be provided.

Example and expected final product:

For questions, comments and suggestions, please contact me at Also, if you want to me to include a specific topic here, please e-mail me. Thank you for reading and have fun learning and experimenting!

PS. I am not an English major. You are welcome to correct my grammatical mistakes.

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